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Nga Pi Honey White Clover Honey

Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavour and a pleasing mild taste. Clover is a summer flower, producing pale, golden honey with fudge-like characteristics.

Often found on the New Zealand breakfast table, this one is a staple for every home. Great for cooking, baking, and of course spreading thick on your morning toast.
Spread a taste of NZ summer.

Nga Pi Honey Manuka

Found along our coastal shores, the Kanuka tree is a cousin of Manuka. Long used in healing practices, it treats skin ailments such as acne and eczema.

Kanuka honey is lighter and less bitter than Manuka but has the same thick, butterscotch feel.

Nga Pi Honey Manuka Honey

Nature’s superfood, Manuka is traditionally used to treat many ailments. Its ‘magical’ properties work from the inside out – making our honey liquid gold for your body.
Manuka honey has a strong, distinct flavour. Rich, thick and sweet.

Read more about the strict Manuka honey testing and what makes this honey so special.

Towhai is often used in honey blends, but we love it so much we want to give it the spotlight it deserves.

This sweet, delicate Native Towhai honey is the perfect all-round table honey. Loved by adults and children alike. Towhai Honey is a true taste of the beautiful native trees found in Northland, New Zealand.