Enjoy our delicious honey in your home, and then come visit ours.

A unique experience of New Zealand

Our bees live somewhere very special. Nestled away in the untouched paradise of Northland’s East Coast, you’ll find our humming hives. They are the backbone of our business and we welcome you to come and see this place we love.

Our delightful and insightful tour is full of fun and adventure. Experience the real New Zealand, and leave in awe of this vital part of our planet, our bees.

We are lucky to live a beautiful way of life - come and see it for yourself.

All tours are completely customisable. We’ll work with you to create the best experience for your group.

Discover the journey from hive to table

What you may expect.

• Jump aboard our 4WD and start your adventure. We'll drive through native bushland and view the coast of Matuari Bay.

• Hear about our local traditions and heritage, as we journey towards the hives.

• We’ll share our knowledge and love of everything ‘honey’. You’ll get up close and personal with our bees, as we explain their fascinating lives. If it's honey season, we’ll treat you to honey straight from the hive itself.

• We have the opportunity to visit the only medical grade extraction plant in New Zealand. Hospitals use the healing benefits of honey for treating burns.

• After an energetic day, sit back and indulge. We’ll treat you to our hand-picked local wines, cheeses and produce.

• See New Zealand from a unique perspective. Chat with the locals, and taste the best this land has to offer.

Adventure to bee