We're proud of our delicious honey, made responsibly.

Honey and health. Our produce and our passion.

We are a family business of artisanal beekeepers. Our adventurous spirits brought us to New Zealand, our passion makes our honey special. We've mixed our beekeeping heritage with a love of this land, its history, and its people.
New Zealand has a long history of gentle, responsible beekeeping. As beekeepers, we know happier bees make the sweetest honey! We combine the kind traditional practice with modern technical expertise. The result is pure, golden honey with a unique NZ flavour.

Our bees source pollen from native flowers, famous for their healing properties. The popular Manuka, along with Kanuka, Towhai and White Clover. Our mission is to extend this knowledge, and health, to you.

Nga Pi Honey New Zealand Honey
Nga Pi means The Bee in Te Reo Maori, the language of New Zealand.

Why Nga Pi?

It’s also the name of one of the earliest books translated into Maori, published in 1849 by Rev. William Cotton.

He was passionate about beekeeping and saw potential New Zealand had for his craft. His short book brought the gentle art of beekeeping to the people of New Zealand. With Rev. Cotton's help, local Maori became the first commercial beekeepers of the land. He named his own hives ‘Princess Alice’ and ‘Princess Mary’ – and our hives now carry these names.

Want to hear more?

Join us on an exclusive and fully customised tour of our slice of heaven.

A unique experience of New Zealand

Sun-drenched fields, the buzz of industrious bees, stunning views over Matuari Bay. The taste of liquid gold honey straight from the hive. This is our home and our passion.

Step into New Zealand's natural beauty, and experience a hands-on day with our bees. Watch the fascinating lives within the hives, and learn about the local heritage. Enjoy our fine, pure honey, plus award-winning local wines and cheese.

You'll soon see why we love it here.

Sweet stories from our customers

I love Nga Pi Honey, especially the Kanuka Honey. It is true what they say when the honey is described to be liquid gold. I also have a spoonful of honey when I am getting a sore throat. It’s full of antibacterial properties and tastes divine!

Michelle Kennard, Local Honey Taster and Designer