We are very excited and honoured, to be working with  The Elysium Cruise Residence® and exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™. Nga Pi Honey will be the preferred honey supplier for the healthy menu choices onboard, extensive and proven medicinal and health benefits, and for use in their onboard premium beauty salons – all part of the exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ brand.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® and exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ is a World first initiative, business model, and social imperative solution. Elysium is a crafted, innovative, evolutionary, combination of two proven burgeoning business models: PREMIUM AGED CARE + LUXURY RESIDENCE SHIP LIFESTYLE – the ship is not only the new global residence but is in effect your own unmatched mega-yacht residence + more.

The 5 Star Elysium luxury cruise ship is a repurposed, customised, premium aged care residence for Seniors, Retirees, Aged Care elderly, and visionary business leaders. The itinerary follows the best weather based on the seasonal weather patterns in Australasia, allowing leisurely, long duration, visits for days and even weeks at the small, scenic, ports around New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific island nations – there is no rush to be anywhere at any time.

The ship also supports the residents, and crew, with an onboard, comprehensive 24/7/365 staffed medical centre with two Accident and Emergency surgeries, dental, ICU ward, optometry, pathology, pharmacy, physio, podiatry, x-ray, and general clinics, providing medical autonomy throughout Australasia. This is further supported by our partner VIP (and Medivac capable) Grumman flying boat service that serves the ship for resident and staff transfers, and for emergencies or charters – this alone is a world first.

Elysium has aligned and partnered with the visionary world and regional leading brands, premium services, authentic experiences, and bespoke products – Elysium supports high quality small to medium business in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific, and has identified Nga Pi Honey as a bespoke brand and high-quality product well worth partnering with.

We can’t wait to share more about our partnership with Elysium as our goals and dreams become fruition. It really is a ‘pinch yourself’ moment for our small but beautiful honey business. 

‘Bee’ sure to follow Elysium to read about our exciting journey, head over to their website to read more.


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